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Hoosier Harvest Holiday: recipes

We've gathered up all the recipes we love just for you for your holiday cooking! Make sure to head over and purchase all the goodies here: SHOP NOW

For your main bird:

Sweet Orange and Olive Oil Turkey

Casserole Heaven:

Corn Pudding (with Souder Farms Frozen Sweet Corn)

Green Bean Casserole (with Souder Farms Frozen Green Beans)

Find out more about sweet corn & pumpkin on FoodLink:

All About That Pie:

Homestyle Apple Pie (with Tuttle's Orchard apples)

Pumpkin Pie (with Nature's Gift's pie pumpkins)

Perfect Pie Crust (with Carthage Mill flours)

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  • 2Morrow's Farm: turkey, chicken, lamb, eggs

  • Berry Goods Farm LLC: arugula, baby mustard, radishes, greens, chicken, eggs,

  • Caprini Creamery, LLC: feta, chevre

  • Engleking's Country Beef Shop: bacon, sausage, brats, burgers, sirloin, roast, ribeye, filets

  • Falling Waters Farm, LLC: fresh basil, various microgreens

  • Garcia's Gardens: carrots, radishes, fresh dill, Anaheim peppers, spinach

  • Greenfield Coffee Company: whole bean organic coffee and espresso

  • Healthy Hoosier Oil, LLC: sunflower oil , canola oil

  • Hidden Pond Farm, LLC: Beet Kvass, kombuchas, krauts, super tonic!

  • Hoosier Harvest Market: Tuttle's Orchards apples and apple cider & Healthy 365 bags

  • Langeland Farms, Inc.: Burgers, Steaks

  • Nature’s Gift, LLC: (all organic) garlic, beets, lettuce, potatoes, radishes, onions, spinach, pumpkins

  • Redbud Farm: Dillman's preserves and fruit butters

  • Souder Farms Sweet Corn LLC: Frozen sweet corn, creamed corn, pies, sausage, apple butter, maple sweet rolls.

  • The Carthage Mill LLC: Heritage grains, flours, corn meal, popcorn, polenta

  • The Pork Shoppe: Pork chops, pork roast, burgers, sausage, ham cubes, BBQ

  • Well Done Beef, LLC: Roasts, burgers, BBQ beef, brats, steaks, beef jerky

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