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We are Indiana’s first on-line farmers market and the only one that is completely farmer owned. Our market works in the best interests of everyone to build our local food community.


Why sell on the market?

Our goal is to provide you with more than just help selling your product. We work to help you build your farm business and network with other farmers. In order to sell with us, you join the market as a member. Membership is either $100 per year, 10 hours of volunteer work or service on our Board of Directors.

Co-operatives bring farms together

How do I get you my product?

You will receive a ‘pick ticket’ every Wednesday at 12:30 detailing what you’ve sold during that market week. Once you receive your orders, you’ll need to aggregate them and deliver them to the Purdue Extension office at 802 Apple St. in Greenfield between 9am and noon the next day (Thursday). We pack your order for each individual customer and deliver it to their chosen pick up point. If you are a member who has chosen to utilize our order pick up service, we’ll be contacting you to make arrangements for our driver to pick the order up on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. 

Drop-off or delivery service available

How do I know how much product to sell?

You control your inventory at our market. Every week, you chose what to list and how much. If you’re a small producer, you can list just a few things for the week. Larger producers might list on our wholesale page for restaurants and schools. If your product sells out before the market period ends, you’ll get an email saying it’s sold out, giving you the opportunity to add more during the week if you’d like. There’s no waste when you list with us! No more guessing how much to bring to the market!

It's up to you!

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