Our job here at Hoosier Harvest Market is to support local farmers and producers. With the help of our volunteer-led Board of Directors and other hard-working volunteers, we get good, local food to folks all over the region, and help share the goodness that is grown locally. 


2Morrow's Farms

Michael and Anna Morrow raise heritage chickens (Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, White Rock and Delaware) for meat, and Cinnamon Queens for brown eggs. They also raise turkeys, lamb, and veal.

Fresh farm raised eggs and more...

Bastin Honey Bee Farm

Bastin Honey Bee Farm is a family owned and operated company located in Knightstown Indiana. We raise and sell honey bees, bee equipment, honey and honey products like candles and soap.

We strive to help beekeepers of all skill levels, from beginners to the more advanced.

Berry Goods Farm LLC is a small family owned farm in Hancock county Indiana that was formed in 2014 by Amy Surburg, an engineer turned homemaker and farmer. Amy has a passion for growing good food.  She grows produce, eggs, strawberries, and turkeys.  Berry Goods Farm is Snail Approved by Slow Food Indy.

Locally grown and raised produce, eggs and poultry

Caprini Creamery is located in Spiceland, about 40 miles east of Indianapolis and owned by husband and wife team, Mike Hoopengardner and Kristy Kikly. As a research scientist with Eli Lilly, Kristy's knowledge of microbiology dovetailed beautifully with the art of cheese making, and soon she and Mike developed a plan to expand their operation into a full-fledged creamery. Caprini is a Slow Food Indy Snail of Approval recipient!

Where science and art meet cheese

Robert and Darlene Engleking are full time farmers and owners of Engleking's Country Beef Shop, located in Eastern Hancock County. They provide high quality meat (beef and pork) fed with flavor-enriching home grown grain on open pasture without the use of hormones, steroids, or antibiotics.

Beef and pork

Garcia’s Gardens is a small but mighty farm providing healthy food to the Lawrence/Indianapolis area. They grow a variety of fresh produce using organic methods.  Garcia’s Gardens is located on the east side of Indianapolis, growing produce using natural methods, meaning they do not use any chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.

Come jon the local food system!

Greenfield Coffee Company is a local family business owned and operated in Hancock County, Indiana that focuses on sustainably-sourced and carefully roasted coffee beans. 

Local micro-roasters of organic coffee

GreenRiver Greenhouse

GreenRiver Green House is located in Peru, Indiana.  GreenRiver Green House is unique because it is an Aquaponic farm which is an alternative farming system. This type of farming uses the combination of Aquaponics (raising fish) and Hydronponic ( growing plants in water, we use a floating raft system). The fish creates a natural fertilizer of nutrient rich water for the pepper plants. Then the pepper plants purify the water for the fish. This creates a perfect alternative to soil farming.

At GreenRiver we buy a fish called Tilapia as "fingerlings" and raise them (in a controlled environment hut 3,200 sq ft) to the right size, then transfer them to the grow beds in the 16,000 sq ft greenhouse where they naturally fertilize the water for the pepper plants that are growing on floating rafts. GreenRiver is a year round producing greenhouse.

Family- opetated, aquaponic farm

Healthy Roots

Healthy Roots sprouted in early 2017. Our goal is to help address the demand for locally-grown, organic produce that can be grown year round.

In our current facility, we're growing a variety of leafy greens, herbs, micro greens, and wheatgrass; with the potential to expand to mushrooms. All of our products are certified USDA Organic.

Our living herbs are grown in soil but the lettuces and most of our cut herbs are total hydroponics.  We use NFT channels so our plugs sit down in these 8ft by 4in by 1in channels and a small stream of water runs along the bottom of the channel.  We mostly use the mineral solution only in channels but have a small amount of plants in perlite as well

Their goal is to help address the demand for locally-grown, organic produce that can be grown year round.

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Hidden Pond Farm provides local folks with healthy, tradition-crafted raw lacto-fermented Sauerkrauts, KimChi, Kvass, and Kombucha, along with a variety of other fermented products. Ketchup, tonics, syrups and more.

Healthy, fermented foods

Jacobs & Brichford

Located in the Whitewater Valley in Southeastern Indiana, we are producers of raw milk cheese on our family’s Hoosier Homestead Farm. We make cheese from our solely grass-fed dairy cows.

At Jacobs and Brichford, we proudly produce three delicious varieties of farmstead artisan cheese. All of our cheese is processed with raw milk, sourced only from our farm’s grass-fed herd.


JD Nieman Family Farm

Locally raised chicken eggs.

Patty Lange Reding and her four sons run the Lange family farm located in Decatur County, southeast Indiana. The farm maintains diversified enterprises including a small cow/calf herd of Angus crossbreds which provide for direct sales of grass-fed and traditional corn fed beef. Crops raised include traditional grains and hay, plus food-grade products like certified organic popcorn, small red beans, wheat, and spelt. The farm also maintains a certified organic grain cleaning facility.

Six-Generation Family Farm

Nature’s Gift, a USDA certified organic farm, is committed to providing locally grown quality produce. We believe produce that hasn’t traveled cross-nation or globally translates to the highest quality of nutrients and flavors.

Fresh veggies all year long

Poppin' Cobs

Josh & Adam's popcorn is grown, harvested and packaged on our farm in Southern Indiana. We are committed to producing high quality, fun, and unique products, and we hope you enjoy our popcorn as much as we do!


RJ Honey

Richard and Jeff have been keeping bees since 2008. They started with one hive to ‘have some fun’. That fun has expanded to 80 hives (and growing) to serve the lover of local honey. They also sell bees and bee keeping equipment and enjoy helping new beekeepers succeed in beekeeping.

Local. Raw. Delicious!

Shamrock Farm

I have been growing mushrooms locally since 2012. I supply many of the top chefs and niche grocers in central Indiana. You can also find me at farmers markets throughout the year. These mushrooms are grown using organic practices (certification is being applied for).


Some Like It Hot!

Elaine and Fernando Salgado run their family recipe influenced tamale and salsa business out of Noblesville. Their salsa is available in traditional salsa (red) and salsa verde (green).  Both salsas are offered in mild, American hot, Mexican hot, or diablo.  Their tamales options are chicken tamales in red sauce, chicken tamales in green sauce, vegetarian tamales (black beans, corn, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, and white cheddar cheese.  Masa is made with coconut oil, vegetable broth and corn flour.), and vegan tamales (same as vegetarian but without the cheese).  Their tamales and salsa are gluten free.

Authentic, family recipe tamales & salsas

Souder Farm Sweet Corn started in the summer of 1985. In 1996, they farm hoop barn was built, where they still sell corn at the farm.  The next expansion was to other produce, pies and more. Products can also be bought in fresh frozen all year round.

Indiana sweet corn and more...

Pork Products including Pork chops, ham steaks, ground bulk sausage, ground bulk Italian sausage, pork burgers, loin roast, shoulder roast, bacon and pepper bacon.

Locally raised pork products

Well Done Beef raises all-natural Angus steers and heifers on their 5th generation farm near Greenfield.  The cattle are on pasture the entire time, no confinement facilities.  Wedobeco does not use any hormones or antibiotics. 

Family cattle farm raising all-natural Angus beef

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