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Eggs, Mushrooms, & Strawberries . . . YUM!

It was just an ordinary Saturday & my husband wanted to make breakfast. I let him whenever he wants. : ) It's a nice treat, a break for me AND he's a good cook. He does make a mess though. I guess it's still a win!! LOL

This time he sauteed crimini mushrooms,

fried an egg & added some shredded gruyere cheese on top. Added some sliced strawberries, made some coffee, & we had a tasty meal! So many great flavors between the mushrooms & eggs. It makes my mouth water just typing this. HHM has so much great, healthy, high quality food!

From HHM:

Eggs: Berry Goods Farm (we have a other egg producers too that have delicious eggs as well)

Crimini Mushrooms: Shamrock Farms

Garlic Scapes: Garcia's Garden

Strawberries: Berry Goods Farm

Coffee: Greenfield Coffee Company

Everything we made is pretty self explanatory. I will explain the mushrooms a little below.

Wash & slice crimini mushrooms. Wash & chop garlic scapes. Warm frying pan under medium heat. Add the garlic scapes & saute for a few minutes. Add mushrooms & saute for a few more minutes. Season with your favorite spices. Our favorite Truffle Salt.

Quick, easy, & tasty meal.

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