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Egg Sandwich w Avocado Corn Salad

Breakfast is my favorite meal and I absolutely LOVE egg sandwiches. Add some fun cheese and the flavor is unbelievably GOOD! This week I made Avocado Corn Salad and used it for our taco's which was really good too. But the next morning, my husband had the great idea to put the Avocado Corn Salad on an egg sandwich. Boy was it amazing!! The Avocado Corn Salad is delicious by itself but add an egg & cheese & it's definitely a winner!! Ill be making the Avocado Corn Salad again SOON!

To make the egg sandwich, toast your bread. While it is toasting, fry your egg however you prefer it. Once the toast is done, spread the Avocado Corn salad on the toast, add your egg and to top it off, add some Everton Premium Cheese. Friends, this is so good! You've got to try it!!

From HHM:

Eggs: Berry Goods Farm . . . we also have J&D Nieman Farm eggs & 2Morrow's eggs. All three are great options.

Everton Premium Reserve Cheese: Jacobs & Brichford Cheese

Frozen Corn: Souder Farms Sweet Corn

Scallions . . . I used Spring Onions instead: Berry Goods Farm

Cilantro: Healthy Roots

Avocado Corn Salad


4 ears of corn (use frozen corn from Souder Farms Sweet Corn)

5 avocados

1 small red onion

1/2 cup diced scallions (try using the spring onions from Berry Goods Farm or Garcia's Gardens)

2 limes juice only

1/4 cup olive oil

2 tbsp minced fresh cilantro (from Healthy Roots)

1 tsp chili powder



1. To cut corn kernels off the cob, stand corn up in a large mixing bowl cut side down. Slice the kernels off with a sharp knife from top to bottom, close to the part where kernels attach to the cob. Turn the ear of corn and repeat slicing the kernels off all the way around.

***I used frozen corn & just heated it up in the microwave.

2. Dice red onion and scallions and add it to the pot as well.

3. Mince cilantro and mix it in with the corn and onions. Add salt and chili powder.

4. Cut each avocado in half and take out the pits. Peel avocado skin off and dice the meat into cubes. Add diced avocado to the mixed veggies in the bowl.

5. Squeeze lime juice all over the avocado and add oil. Gently mix in avocado until just evenly incorporated.

6. Serve right away.

Recipe found on Pinterest at Will Cook for Smiles

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