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Pulled Pork with BBQ

During the week, I'm all about something that doesn't take a lot of time since we usually have some practice or other obligation to run to. This is SUPER EASY & DELICIOUS!! My only regret was I didn't buy more. My little family of four ate it all in one sitting. The kids loved it & so did my husband. This will definitely be something that is on my rotation of things to buy. Try it. You won't be disappointed, I promise!

From HHM: Pulled Pork with BBQ-The Pork Shoppe. Greens-Healthy Roots. Feta-Caprini Creamery. Turnips-Garcia's Gardens

Pulled Pork with BBQ


Thaw the pulled pork. Put pulled pork into a microwave safe container. Heat for a couple of minutes. Stir & then reheat if needed. It is that easy & tastes so GOOD!

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