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Crock-Pot Onion Arm Roast

Last week I purchased Well Done Beef's Comfort Bundle. Wow is it a lot of meat for a great price! I wish I would have thought to take picture how much food it is!

This recipe was a quick & easy one. Life gets so busy sometimes & it's nice to hit the easy button for a meal. When we my kids walked in the door after getting home from school they said dinner smelled delicious. Now that is a compliment from kids & they did like it!!

From HHM: Arm Roast from Well Done Beef. Kale from Healthy Roots. Feta from Caprini Creamery.

Crock-Pot Onion Arm Roast


2 lb Arm Roast

1 packet Lipton's Onion Soup Mix


Thaw the arm roast overnight. Once the roast is thawed, put in crockpot on high. Add a little water & then sprinkled Lipton's Onion Soup Mix packet over the roast. Make sure there is enough water in the crockpot that the roast doesn't dry out. Mine cooked 4-5 hours. Time varies with each crockpot. Enjoy

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