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Hoosier Harvest 365 Vegetable Bundle Review

The experience at Hoosier Harvest Market has been a great one so far. My family and I ordered a Hoosier Harvest 365 Bag, Vegetable Bundle for 4 last week and we were not disappointed! In the bag there was spinach, salad mix, radishes, and asparagus. There was a lot of food that has lasted us all week & saved me a trip to the grocery store. It is so nice to have fresh vegetables and know where they came from. They taste great too. My husband even made the comment how much better everything tasted.

The Hoosier Harvest 365 Bag Peak Season subscription will start June 7th and run through August 23rd. The Hoosier Harvest Market puts together the best of the season at a savings! All bag ingredients are sourced from our member farms. You should try it! Healthy eating for your family at a low cost.

Check out the Hoosier Harvest 365 Bag at:


A little about myself. My name is Jan Roberts and I am the Hoosier Harvest Market new Market Coordinator. I live in New Palestine with my husband Dave and my daughter Grace and son Henry. I'm active in my kids’ school Parent Teacher Organization and my local church. My family loves to be outside & to be active. Healthy eating is a big part of our life and I'm so excited to be a part of the Hoosier Harvest Market!

I grew up in rural Missouri where farming was a way of life. For many years I was in my local 4-H where I learned how to take care of animals, cook, grow things, and learned many other life skills.


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